Yamaha Outboard

For two years in a row, J. D. Power and Associates has ranked Yamaha Four Strokes "Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Four Stroke Outboards." That in itself speaks volumes. Imagine trolling with an engine so quiet and vibration-free that you can hear your line whispering through the water. Kicking back on a dead calm day without a single wisp of smoke in the air. Or setting a course for that favorite far-off fishing spot, knowing you've got range and fuel economy to spare. Yamaha's broad family of Four Strokes delivers exceptional power for whatever you and your family like to do on the water.

If you're looking for unprecedented acceleration with exceptional fuel economy, Yamaha offers the Two Stroke HPDI series, from 150 hp, all the way up to a thundering 300 hp. Don't underestimate this highly advanced two stroke technology that provides unique advantages for certain boating applications.

Don's Marine sells and services the full line of Yamaha Four Stroke and Two Stroke engines. Don's has been servicing Yamaha outboards for over 10 years and Don Helger is pleased to tell customers "We are consistently amazed with the excellent reliability the entire Yamaha product offering delivers. The bottom line.......reliability, reliability, reliability".